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Volunteer Opportunities

In-side volunteers are needed to serve as Small Group Facilitators for the curriculum Wild at Heart and Peacemaker as well as Inside Mentors.  Small Groups meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 7:00PM.

Volunteers are also needed to serve as out-side mentors.

If you would like to know more about the volunteering process, complete the form on the Contact page, indicating that you would like additional information about volunteering.
In-Prison Volunteers

Volunteering during the incarcerated portion of the Pathway To Freedom, Inc. program takes place inside the prison at the Wrightsville Hawkins Unit for Males.

Christian men or couples who are interested in serving as in-prison volunteers must complete and submit the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) and Pathway To Freedom, Inc. Application Forms, pass the criminal background check and drug screening, and complete both the ADC and Pathway To Freedom, Inc. training sessions.
Small Group Facilitator:
A small group facilitator guides the discussion of a group of men using curriculum prescribed by Pathway To Freedom, Inc.
An in-prison mentor may be matched with a member or small group of members approximately six months prior to the scheduled release date and is asked to commit to one two-hour meeting each week in order to help the member(s) prepare for reintegration into the community.

The in-prison mentor may choose to continue to work with a member upon his release if the member is in close proximity geographically.
Re-Entry Volunteers

It is crucial that each member have a support system in place when he is released. This system should include a Pathway To Freedom, Inc. re-entry staff person, mentor, a church and/or other pro-social group, and community service providers.
A re-entry mentor is one who will spend time with the member to assist him in his reintegration process upon release from prison. He will assist the member in setting realistic goals and taking measurable steps to meet these goals. A re-entry mentor may bring the member into his church family, Bible Study group, and/or men’s ministry program or other pro-social setting.

A re-entry mentor will be asked to commit to meet with their protégé once a week for a period of six to twelve months. Consistent weekly meetings during the first six months of the member’s release are very important. Weekly contact after the first six months may consist of a combination of shorter face-to-face meetings and telephone contacts, depending upon the progress of the protégé.
Churches and/or Community Service Providers:
Churches play a vital role in the Pathway To Freedom, Inc. Program. A member in re-entry needs to be welcomed into a congregation that cares about his well-being. All of Pathway To Freedom’s volunteers/mentors come from local churches. Church members may be employers who could hire the PTF member, landlords who could rent a place to live, or financial/budgeting experts who could teach the member how to set up a bank account and manage his income. Many churches prepare “Freedom Baskets” that contain items a PTF member may need to look for employment, such as clothing, shoes and/or work boots, and hygiene items. A church may commit to consistently pray for PTF staff and members and/or financially support the Program effort.

Community Service Providers also play a vital role and may include transitional living, substance abuse treatment, or other services that may help the member navigate through all of the necessary processes that will lead to successful reintegration into the community and restoring family relationships.
Becoming employed is key to a member’s success. That is why PTF seeks to build partnerships with business owners throughout Arkansas. We are working with a local employer to develop a class for PTF members while they are still in prison to teach them what an employer expects and what they can expect as an employee. PTF will work with you to help you find the best employees.

If you would like to know more about the volunteering process, complete the form on the Contact page.

Mentors Scott Christensen (left) and Kyle Chapman (right) give practical re-entry help to member Leslie Blackburn. Your gift will help men like Leslie stay on the pathway to freedom.
Pathway To Freedom, Inc.  is privately funded and receives no government funding for its operation or staff salaries. All contributions to PTF are tax deductible! Your investment will help keep offenders from re-offending and utilize their new skill set and values to be responsible and productive citizens.

To operate the PTF Program, it costs $2,400 per member per year. You can give any amount of your choice. Consider these options: $50 $100 $250 $500 $1000

You may mail your donation to the address below, or click on the Donate Now button to donate online by credit card.

Pathway to Freedom, Inc.
17200 Chenal Parkway, Ste. 300-319
Little Rock, AR 72223
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